Posted August 3, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

50 Cent wants Doug Lamborn Fired For Calling President Obama A “Tar Baby

Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn recently made controversial comments regarding President Barack Obama, branding him a “tar baby” while discussing the debt ceiling debate. Though he later apologized for using the racial epithet, rapper 50 Cent has taken his Twitter podium to denounce Lamborn. 50 Cent took to his twitter to express his feelings saying:

“Republican congressman Doug Lamborn should be re leaved of his duties after calling president Obama a tar baby, Tar baby is a synonym for nigger, except it is only used in bigoted manners, were as nigga can be a sign of respect. The term comes from a children’s story in witch they explain that slaves were”dark and dumb”due to the fact they were” baptized in TAR. I can’t find a more disrespectful or ignorant way to describe the race or depiction of our president.”