Posted August 2, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Charity

‘Soccer’ Kobe scores own goal at Charity event



‘Soccer’ Kobe joined the fourth annual Mia Hamm Celebrity Soccer Challenge charity event in Washington over the weekend! He wore Barce(lona) red and blue jersey, and scored his own goal (video above). He did break some ankles, too (video below). He joined FC Mia squad with USWNT Alex Morgan, Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola and the Washington Redskins’ D’Angelo Hall. They played Nomar United (named after husband retired baseball players Nomar Garciaparra) included the USWNT’s Ali Krieger and Heather O’Reilly, plus Stat Boy from ESPN. Kobe always love Barcelona and even did a ESPN cover story a few years ago (video below).

Kobe breaking ankles at Charity event:


‘Soccer’ Kobe ESPN cover story: