Posted August 2, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Division-1 football seeking out Diddy Jr.



Justin Combs, Diddy’s son, is only 5-foot-9, 170 lbs., but he is doing it big for a high school recruit! He plays cornerback and back-up QB for Iona Prep, who was knocked out in November. In April, he participated in 7-on-7 (video above), a competition between top high school recruits. He was tops at CB; knabbed three or four interceptions. He is getting a lot of static, and many recruit offers from top Division-1 schools are flooding in including: Illinois, Virginia, UCLA, and Arizona State. Rivals.com football analyst, Josh Helmholdt, was at the 7-on-7, and believes Justin will be Division-1, but not in the tough BCS division. Check it out!

“He’s definitely undersized for the position [listed at 5-9, 170, he looked shorter than that],” Helmholdt told Prep Rally. “Combine that with who his father is and Justin has a hard time being taken seriously as a college football prospect. He played on the ‘Goon Squad’ team with four-star recruits Zeke Pike, Deaysean Rippy and Armani Reeves.

“Playing the opposite corner of Reeves he saw a lot of passes thrown his way and more than held his own. I want to say he finished the event with three or four interceptions. Only one other kid that weekend had more interceptions than Justin that I know of.” – yahoo sports

“Word circulated quickly among the players at the event who he was,” Helmholdt said. “Several kids told me they were going after ‘P-Diddy’s kid’ and he got a lot of trash talked his way, but he just put his head down, kept his mouth shut and played hard. It was evident he wanted to keep a low profile and was hoping to just be one of the guys.

“We expect [and have seen in the past] kids with famous fathers come out with the attitude that they are owed something, but you could tell Justin wanted to be noticed for his play on the field and not his last name. He handled himself with class and worked hard, finishing with a strong showing at that event. I was not really aware of him before the Badger 7-on-7, but you had to respect what he did considering the trash talk that came his way and other kids giving him their best shot.” – yahoo sports