Posted July 29, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Stars get OK to play overseas


The NBA, FIBA, and the NBA player’s association all agreed to allow the NBA players to play overseas during the lock-out. Once the lock-out is lifted they must return promptly to the NBA, and they play at their own risk of injury. NJ Nets Deron Williams has already signed with Turkish club Besiktas, and Kobe Bryant has a meeting with them in the next couple of days.

“As the world governing body for basketball, we strongly hope that the labor dispute will be resolved as soon as possible, and that the NBA season is able to begin as scheduled,” secretary general Patrick Baumann said in a statement.

“In view of our role to promote basketball worldwide, we support any player wishing to play the game, wherever and whenever. We do so while obviously taking the interests, rights and obligations of all parties into account.” – espn