Posted July 26, 2011 by Global Vito in Music


HAKIM-“Baby Shake That Thing,”

Hakim, a Bronx-bred rapper fresh on the scene, describes his music. His first single, “Baby Shake That Thing,” is club banger and he says whether you’re a guy or girl everyone can relate letting loose and simply having a good time.
And having a good time is what this 24-year-old is doing. His music influences not only stem from hip-hop, but jazz and rock’n’roll. His debut album Unlimited Presents Hakim is yet to have a release date but until then you can look forward to his mixtape which is set to drop this summer.

Hakim started his music at a young age. In 1998, he and his then-rap partner, Strategy, formed the rap duo Unlimited. One of their first performances was at the Apollo Theatre. After his partner was sent to prison on a burglary charge, Hakim set to conquer the music world solo.