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@KipsyBiz- “Fly Shit”

@KipsyBiz “Fly Shit”

Artists aren’t made they’re born, and from early in life Michael Wilson, aka Kipsy has learned to develop his lyrical talents with a unique and individual rap style for the next generation, his generation of Hip-Hop. Kipsy began creating his own original music at the age of 14 and by the age of seventeen had begun mixing, mastering and recording his music professionally. As a full circle rapper; writer, performer and producer Kipsy’s quadruple talents have created a one of a kind sound that echoes his life from young New Yorker to dirty south spitter and back again, creating his universal, one of a kind sound.

By 19 Kipsy had taken yet another step in realizing his musical goals with the creation of his iRepublik Entertainment and media group label he founded with long time business counterpart, Rahsaan Bell. After high school Kipsy released his debut LP “South Bound”, quickly creating a name for the young rapper in and around northern Texas. With the buzz created from “South Bound” Kipsy soon released another full length LP gaining the attentions of Continuous Entertainment who later signed Kipsy in the summer of 2009. “The S.W.A.G. Album” would soon follow, its concurrent success proved Kipsy was on the right path, one that would soon take his brand of music overseas and bring his name and unique flow into the European hip-hop market. Despite setbacks with former groups Kipsy had become a part of during his times spent in New York and the dirty south he continued to grow as a solo artist. With the feedback generated from his first album Kipsy’s second release, 2010’s “This Is My City,” was both a commercial and critical success showcasing Kipsy as a musical force capable of creating both grind season anthems as well as powerfully positive Hip-Hop in the same breath.

Now, at 23 Kipsy has capitalized on his new found buzz with the 2011 mixtape, “Operation Takeover” lead by the summertime get right anthem “Fly Sh***” feat. Tex. It’s follow-up single “Get it Till it’s Gone” will also be available through iRepublik.Channeling every aspect of his life into his music Kipsy’s ethereal style carries grind-mode bangers, the pain of loss and the joy of triumph in every beat. With thousands of fans around the country, online and overseas Kipsy has his sights set on the international stage. With iRepublik and his growing roster of artists at his side Kipsy is set to take Hip-Hop to new heights, from the top of the world.