Posted July 24, 2011 by Global Vito in Style and Fashion

Kevin Ma “The Me Series”

Kevin Ma “The Me Series” Kevin documents his website, Hypebeast, its history, the creative process of posts, and the overall progression of the site.

Kevin Ma is the creative mind behind HypeBeast.com, a lifestyle blog that covers cutting-edge trends in men’s fashion, art, design, and music. This short film takes us to the HypeBeast offices in Hong Kong, where Kevin is constantly inspired by the city’s vast array of cultures, brands, and styles. While traveling, Kevin uses Windows Phone’s Bing Maps to find interesting shops, places, and people without getting lost. And while on the go, Kevin is able to stay on top of what’s happening in the world in just a glance with real-time updates on his Live Tiles for his favorite apps, websites, and people. The Windows Phone allows him to update his website and manage his entirely web-based business from anywhere, at anytime.