Posted July 8, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in ThatsEnuff

Amerie New Album Set for Next Spring

Amerie has been M.I.A. from the music scene for quite some time now. Her last project, In Love & War, dropped in 2009. Although I had the album and thought it was great, it didn’t do too well on a commercial level.

We often forget about Amerie but if you reflect on her career, you ought to remember how big her debut was when she dropped the classic singles “Why Don’t We Fall in Love,” “Talkin to Me,” and later “One Thing.”

She’s a great singer and performer, so why wouldn’t we want more from this bombshell.

Well, you’re getting more! The newlywed is set to make her return in the Spring of 2012 with her 5th studio album, Cymatika.

It seems like a long ways away, but if Amerie’s team is smart, they’ll get a mixtape ready or start releasing singles and promo pics before 2011 is over. @SelenaBailey