Posted July 6, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Charity

Lebron changes scope of annual bike event


Lebron James has run an annual bike event called “King for Kids” in his home-town of Akron, Ohio since 2005. He has decided to change the whole scope of the event to education, and change the name to “Wheels for Education”. The two-week camp will now feature reading and technology classes for 360 children about to enter third grade. In this year’s big bike event (Aug 8), Lebron will accompany 20 selected high school students on a 2.6 mile bike ride! Lebron’s iniative is that his upbringing is similar to a lot of young single parent kids, he needed the special attention at that age, or around third grade. Lebron left after high school straight for the NBA. Lebron is already apart of “26 Seconds”, a State Farm initiative that is dedicated to youths dropping out (of high school) on average every 26 seconds in USA.

“We’re looking to continue to create awareness for these young kids,” James, who founded the bike event in 2005, told The Associated Press. “Not only in this community, but in the world. Me having an influence with my voice, I’m blessed. So the No. 1 thing is creating awareness and I think this gives us an opportunity to make sure these kids not only get educated but have fun and being around people that can have a positive influence in their life.”

“What helped me in school was sports,” James said. “When I was 8, 9, that was the first time I started playing organized sports and I had coaches around me that stressed education and not being allowed to play if we weren’t doing our schoolwork or being at school on time, things like that.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching LeBron grow as a player, and mature as a philanthropist,” Akron mayor Donald Plusquellic said in a news release. “His new commitment to the Akron After School program is an investment that will pay dividends years to come because there is no investment more important than in the children whose circumstances he knows so well. … He continues to be a role model for our youth for his accomplishments on and off the court.” – espn