Posted June 30, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Kimbo Slice to box in August!


From underground street brawls to MMA! to Boxing! Kimbo Slice is moving on up and starting a new thang.. boxing! He didn’t fair well in MMA, but it is geared more towards wrestling and floor technique. Slice’s boxing opponent has not been signed as of press time. He will fight a four-round main event on August 13 at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma. Check out the excerpt, courtesy yardbarker, and watch the video below!

Kimbo was always meant to be in the ring,” said Jared Shaw, Team Kimbo Promotional Advisor. “He’s one of the hardest punchers in the world and on August 13, his journey to becoming America’s heavyweight begins. The first stop will be Oklahoma in what will become the Kimbo Slice Express.

Whatever Kimbo wants to do, I’m happy for him. I don’t know what they paid Kimbo — maybe they paid him a boatload of money — and in that case he’s doing the right thing. Kimbo is one of those people that comes along every once in ages who has what I call the it factor as a promoter. I have a lot of fighters who come to me and are great talents but don’t have the it factor. And then you have someone who comes along and has the it factor. Manny Pacquiao has the it factor. He’s a star. He reeks of stardom. People gravitate to him. Kimbo is that way. When he walks into a room, he lights up the room.

Kimbo rocks Tank Abbott: