Posted June 27, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Argentine riot breaks out after River Plate relegation



Breaking News: Riots and chaos broke out, yesterday, after Argentine football club River Plate was relegated to the second division. The police were waiting for the last seconds to disperse water cannons to get the loyal fans out of the Buenos Aires football stadium yesterday. Over 55 people were injured, and the area looked like a war-zone forĀ a short while. River Plate enjoys a rich tradition with 33 Championships over its 110 year history. Watch the videos and check out the excerpt!

Violence erupted between police and fans which left dozens injured in and round the Buenos Aires’ Monumental stadium on Sunday after legendary football club River Plate was relegated to the Argentine second division for the first time in its 110-year history. At least 55 people were injured, some of them police, medical staff said. Police used water cannons outside the stadium immediately after the match, hoping to disperse fans quickly. The area outside the stadium, located in the leafy northern suburb of Nunez, looked like a war zone with police battling hand to hand with River Plate hooligans. Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas, and brought in mounted units to try to keep order. Young, angry fans responded by throwing rocks at police, setting fire to rubbish bins and vehicles, and ripping down metal street barriers. –