Posted June 24, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in ThatsEnuff

New SWV Album?

Yup you read it right. The Sisters With Voices are set the record a new album according to lead singer, Coko.

I guess it was the right move ever since Chris Brown re-popularized SWV’s remix to Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” with his hit “She Aint You.”

It would have been greater if they dropped an album before summer were over but as long as they drop an album in the year 2011 while the buzz is still there they’ll sell. Get it while you can. Get in where you fit in. Get it while it’s hot. And so on and so on. You get my drift.

People felt the need for a girl group a few years ago when Alicia Keys brought SWV out at the BET Awards in addition to TLC and En Vogue. That void needs to be filled again.

SWV signed a deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment and they’ve have already recorded with mega-producer, Bryan Michael-Cox and Lamb who has produced for Jazmine Sullivan.

Their first single will drop soon, the album willl drop later this year as well as a reality show, of course, about the making of the LP. @SelenaBailey