Posted June 22, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

Jill Scott Left Husband After He Wouldn’t Eat Her Foo

There are lots of reasons why marriages fall apart, but for singer Jill Scott, it all came down to her cooking. Scott split from her husband of six years, Lyzel Williams, back in 2007, and explained in an interview that it was because he didn’t eat her food.

One of the reasons my ex-husband and I broke up is that he stopped eating my food,” Scott told U.K. newspaper the Guardian. “He was pissed [off] for other reasons, but the best way to show me was by leaving what I’d made for him uneaten for days on the kitchen counter. It was a smack in the face.”

Since taking time out of the musical spotlight, Scott has reemerged, releasing her fourth album ‘The Light of the Sun,’ which hits yesterday