Posted June 20, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Jet wants his number retired?

Dallas Mavericks Jason Terry AKA Jet wants his #number 31 retired? He did have the Championship trophy tatted on his upper arm before the season began (Mav’s won 2010-11 Championship), but he must have been drinking too much pimp juice in celebration. The man did miracles with the tat and his play in the NBA Finals, but to get your number retired requires a lot more than that. To his credit, he won the sixth man of the year a couple years back, help the Mav’s to the Finals in 2006 (loss to the Heat), and of course the hero in game 6 and overall sixth man in this Championship! Read Jet’s comments below and let me know what you think? Hit me up twitter at @SportsBata!

“To see my jersey go up there … a guy that has sacrificed so much by coming to Dallas and over the years, all the hard work we put in to try to be champions, and then to be the only point guard to take their team to the Finals in ’05-’06, but to finally get there this year and win it?

“Sixth Man of the Year two years ago — [and] should’ve been the last three years? (laughs) You know what? I’m very humble, I’m a hungry guy, but sometimes you got to toot your own horn. And if it means telling them, ‘Move over, Ro, move over, Brad Davis,’ then that’s what you got to do.” (courtesy yardbarker)