Posted June 17, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Former Huskie caught pimpin’


Venoy Overton went from running up b-ball courts to pimpin hoes and judicial courts. Overton was a well-known Washington Huskie from 2007-2011, but posted mediocre stats. Overton was arrested for second-degree promoting prostitution on Thursday night, the Seattle Times reported. Back in May, police started investigating Overton, and ran into a young 18-year old prostitute. She ended up being Overton’s girlfriend and gave up everything on him including: Overton gave her instructions of what kind of acts to perform and instructions on it, Whatever money she received, portion of it went to Overton, and that he made her come up to the area a couple of more times to do more prostituting. Straight pimpin! Got caught tho! Read the excerpt, courtesy yardbarker:

“This investigation and arrest highlights the need to continue to aggressively investigate and enforce the laws regarding human trafficking offenses” Kent police Lt. Pat Lowery told the Times.

Overton will have to go to a judge on Friday and it really sucks for him as he just graduated a month ago. This isn’t his only run-in with the law. Just back in March, he was charged with giving alcohol to minors. It was reported that the 22-year-old had sex and drank alcohol with two 16-year-old girls he had met online.