Posted June 8, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Charity

Jorge Posada markets Sangria for charity


NY Yankee DH Jorge Posada has introduced to the market a new brand of Sangria, “Cinco Anillos”. The name stands for “five rings” and is inexpensive at $10 a bottle. All proceeds will benefit The Jorge Posada Foundation which provides support to families and children who are affected by the medical condition of Craniosynostosis. Jorge did have Jorge Cabernet wine previously, but that venture slowly faded. Click on Jorge Posada’s website to make purchases, and read the release below!

“The sangria is priced to be affordable; under $10 a bottle and can be enjoyed by itself or with fruit. It is bursting with the sun drenched flavors of a hot Spanish summer; the Sangria is a refreshing blend of red wine, citrus fruit flavors, and a special spice extract. Add sliced peaches, apples, and oranges or other fruits for a delicious aperitif or as a perfect pair with grilled meat. It should be served well chilled.” (courtesy yardbarker)