Posted June 7, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Michael Vick to release new book “Finally Free”


Michael Vick is set to release his new autobiography “Finally Free” on July 27. Vick delves into the exploration of righteous change at the hands of his new mentor Tony Dungy. Dungy is a former coach of the Indianapolis Colts and TV analyst who dictates with strong morals, and has a strong religious background. Read a passage from the book, courtesy yardbarker:

“My propensity for trying to lie my way out of trouble only made my consequences more severe,” I got used to not being honest in a lot of situations and getting through them based on my story, but not the whole story or the true story. I got away with it for so long, you start to get into a routine and start to feel like, “Hey, if it worked last time, it will work again.” Said Vick