Posted June 1, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

The Heat shake the Mav’s!


Lebron and Wade resorted to the shake & bake late to shake the Mav’s tonight! The #2 Miami Heat took game 1 of the NBA Finals, 92-84, over the #3 Dallas Mavericks! Mav’s Dirk Nowitski showed up and Josh Terry got stuffed! Lebron threw it down And 1 and Wade blocked a shot and caught Lebron on an alley-oop – sky! Mav’s Jason Kidd connected And 1 alley-oop style with Tyson Chandler! Chris Bosh was on point had a sick put-back and Lebron beat the buzzer to beat the end of the third quarter! The Heat clamped down and dominated game 1! Check out the highlight reel and spectacular plays below!


Lebron monster And 1 Dunk and Wade to Lebron exclamating alley-oop:


Wade blocks (Shawn) Marion and nails a three:


Lebron third quarter buzzer beater:


Chris Bosh sick put-back:


Jason Kidd connects And 1 alley-oop style with Tyson Chandler: