Posted May 31, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Mav’s vs. Heat: NBA Finals Game 1 Tonight!


Introducing… the 2011 NBA Finals! Mav’s vs. Heat 9PM EST ABC Tonight! Welcome to Miami, the home of Lebron (James), (Dwyane) Wade, and (Chris) Bosh! The summer heat is sizzling as American Airlines Arena prepares for game 1 tonight!

The #2 Miami Heat are switching from “underdog” to “we’re hungry” for a Championship, and the #3 Dallas Mavericks are the real “underdog”. Since 1978, the team with home-court advantage (Heat in this case) has went on to win the Finals 77.8% of the time. If the Mavericks start Jason Kidd, 38, he will be the oldest player to start an NBA Finals ever! Two players on each team were part of the Finals match-up in 2006 in which the Heat won the Championship that year. Now Mavericks Dirk Nowitski is the star and may be one of the best seven foot shooters in NBA history. (stats courtesy espn May 31)