Posted May 26, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Marion shooting reality show


TMZ reports, Dallas Mavericks Shawn Marion is in the shop for a new reality show, “The Ladies of my life”. He is a bachelor so ladies will be trying to match make with the sports star, but the main focus is on his ladies: mother, Elaine, twin sister Shawnette, and two his two younger sisters. He has been working on the pilot for the last year, and hoping to make it to the big screen. Marion is currently taking a break from shooting; with his team entering the NBA Finals! Read the excerpt, courtesy espn:

“It’s going to deal with me and how I have mostly all ladies in my life,” Marion said Wednesday prior to the team’s morning shootaround. “I’m single-mother raised and I have all sisters and I have a single-mother foundation, so it’s about all that.”