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John Starks inspired Hangover II actor


Ken Jeong, the hilarious criminal boss Chow, in Hangover and Hangover II, gives props to former NY Knick John Starks as his inspiration. Jeong was a physician turned actor himself, and says that Starks served as an inspiration to him (went from bagging groceries to the NY Knicks). Jeong, 41, is a practicing physician who got his medical degree from University of North Carolina and was working at the Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center in Southern California. Jeong won the 1997 Big Easy Laff Off in New Orleans, and kept doing stand-up comedy afterwards. He slowly worked his way into movies and got his first big break when Apatow cast him as Dr. Kuni, an OB/GYN handling Katherine Heigl’s pregnancy. Jeong’s performance led to parts in “Pineapple Express,” “Role Models,” “All About Steve,” “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard,” “Couples Retreat” and “The Hangover” in 2009. Read the excerpt, courtesy foxsports:

“It’s kind of like (former New York Knicks guard) John Starks. He was bagging groceries (before playing college ball), and all of a sudden goes to the Knicks and becomes an amazing player,” said Jeong, who is reprising his role as flamboyant Las Vegas gangster Leslie Chow as “The Hangover Part II” opens nationwide Thursday.

“Pat Riley believed in him, and (producer/director) Judd Apatow was kind of like my Pat Riley. Definitely. He brought me in, auditioned me and gave me my big break. Because of that, I think it allowed other directors to say, ‘OK, if he’s good enough for Judd, then we’ll consider working with him.’ Judd gave me credibility, like Riley did Starks.”

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