Posted May 26, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Jason Terry tat-tell-all


Jason Terry had furnished some ink in the pre-season of the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy. His team – the Dallas Mavericks won the Conference Championship trophy, last night. If they beat their next contender (Heat or Bulls) they will win the Championship – Larry O’Brien Trophy. He took a risk, but received a big reward. You have to give him props for fulfilling the ink in his tattoo. Check out teammate DeShawn Stevenson’s take on the tat, courtesy espn: 

“When he first got the tattoo, I said he was crazy,” Stevenson said of the tattoo that is on the inside of Terry’s arm. “I didn’t say it to him. But I’ve never been to the [NBA Finals], and for him to have that now. Wow. And he got that tattoo in October, and it means a lot with what we’ve been through.”

(pic, story courtesy espn