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DREAMCATCHERS: A Motivating Excellence Dance Experience [video]


    Come travel on a journey of conflict and triumph as 20 individuals find themselves on a search of a dream. Their dream. Through self choice and personal validity only they can hold the power of the Dreamcatcher!

“Motivating Excellence is the first professional dance training program geared specifically for the commercial dancer created by the amazing Rhapsody James, the “Queen of Street Jazz.”

Rhapsody’s has choreographed for Beyonce, Britney Spears, J.Lo, The Pussycat Dolls, The Spice Girls, Cassie, Step Up 2, Making The Band 4 and many more. She’s taught in countries around the world including Japan, London, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia.

Thanks to Rhapsody’s Motivating Excellence program, we will see even more ferocious performers in the NY dance scene. In tonight’s show, DREAMCATCHERS, she is not only the choreographer and director, but she is the visionary.

I am not sure what to expect tonight, but I know that I will expect greatness and fierce dancing!

This is where I’ll be at 8pm. So if you can come out and support the New York dance scene, please do.

I will be sure the follow-up tomorrow! @SelenaBailey

Check out the show details below…

Go NY go!