Posted May 17, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Draft Lottery & Playoffs Tonight!


The NBA Lottery goes off at 8:30PM EST ESPN, and NBA Playoff’s continue with #4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. #3 Dallas Mavericks 9PM EST ESPN tonight! Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals!

The NBA Lottery randomly picks the top 14 picks. It is designed for teams that did not make the playoffs or teams that hold the draft rights, and the worst record teams get higher chances to get the #1 pick. [The lottery process determines the first three picks of the draft. The rest of the first-round draft order is in reverse order of the win-loss record for the remaining teams, or the teams who originally held the lottery rights if they were traded.] (courtesy wikipedia)

The Dallas Mavericks swept the #2 LA Lakers in four games (4-0) in the semi-finals. They have eight full days rest, which is good for an old team, but can take younger teams out of rhythm. The Mavericks have Dirk Nowitski who was dominating Kobe, fast PG J.J. Barea, and Josh Terry on the perimeter (three’s). The Mavericks also have a deep bench.

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the #8 Memphis Grizzlies in seven games in the semi-final series. Russell Westbrook got his first career triple-double (14 points, 14 assists, and 10 boards) in game seven, amazing, and got Kevin Durant the ball (39 points)! The Grizzlies just beat the Spurs, and made a miraculous attempt in the playoffs this year.