Posted May 17, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Mexican Semi-final Soccer Brawl!



Mexican League’s Monarcas Morelia/Cruz Azul semifinals match went off with a bang! The Mexican domestic soccer league enjoyed some fine action until a fan decided to step on the field and get a hand shake from his favorite player, Gerardo Torrado. It was the end of the game, and Cruz Azul was down 3-0 (down 3-2 aggregate, Cruz Azul advancing to 2011 Clausura Liguilla final), so ‘losing’ Cruz Azul attacking midfielder Christian ‘Chaco’ Gimenez decided to get to fighting. A huge brawl ensued with just about everyone in the stadium getting licks, and Cruz Azul goalkeeper Jose de Jesus Corona decided to separately headbutt Morelia assistant coach Sergio Martin! [Video below] Corona was removed from the team for his cheap shot and will be suspended into the fall! Sounds vaguely similar to LA Laker Andrew Bynum’s sitchoWatch the video’s!


(info courtesy sbnation)