Posted May 17, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Ajax drops Dutch League trophy


An Ajax goalkeeper, Maarten Stekelenburg, decided to get thrifty and raise the Dutch League championship trophy in the ensuing celebration. He accidentally dropped the trophy when he got hung up with TV cables above the bus. You would have thought he would have learned after the Copa Del Rey Trophy was dropped and crushed. Read the excerpt, courtesy sportro, and watch the video below!

Ajax ensures champion of Eredivisie 2010-2011 after beating Twente with the score 3-1. The match between Ajax and Twente held at the Amsterdam Arena on Sunday, May 15, 2011.

This is the first trophy for Ajax after six years and this is the 30th title in the history of Ajax. The incident happened when Stekelenburg with his teammate out of the vents on the roof of the bus, holding up their championship trophy. However, Stekelenburg not realize that there is a tram cable just above his head, and lead to trophies that he held against the cable and fell into the road.

Stekelenburg looked very panicked after the trophy falling from bus. However, he was lucky because there is no serious damage on the saucer-shaped trophy, because the bus behind the team bus directly stopped. The incident was the same as that experienced by Real Madrid, when Sergio Ramos accidentally dropped the trophy and get run over by the team bus.