Posted May 15, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

Rihanna and Chris link up on Twitter

The social network where everything happens, has just got even hotter as Rihanna and Chris Brown has recently began following each other on the social network site. While many were excited to see , other werent to happy.  One fan actually called Rihanna out on the follow, tweeting at her: “ I never thought you would go back to him! You better not, it’s your life but you do have (people) that look up to you. e.g. young girls.”  The 23 year-old “S&M” singer didn’t take too kindly to the idea that Twitter follows meant getting back together with Brown, so she responded to the fan: “its fu–in twitter, not the altar! calm down.” Thats #2 the second reckless response from Rihanna this week as she recently barked on a fan who tweeted about her nappy hair. – All I want to know is who added who first.