Posted May 15, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Posada takes “mental day off”


Jorge Posada and the Yankees got into a little spat yesterday. Jorge Posada who has only hit .155 so far this season, and was switched into the ninth position in the batting order before yesterday’s game. At the last minute, Posada went to coach Joe Girardi and asked if he could take a “mental day off”. He should never requested the day off, but instant speculation arose, and coach Girardi and GM Brian Cashman seemed to throw him under the bus, later. First, how did the media get a clue of the sitcho in the first place, shouldn’t that be very private? Then Posada interviews, and was reasonable, but hung like a duck with feedback from Girardi and Cashman second interview crossing over. Girardi and Cashman stick up for him, but keep bashing him with the “mental day off” right in front of the media in that second interview. Posada better get his bat on the ball and start hitting because the Yankees is high stakes and stacked with talent. Read the excerpt, courtesy espn, and watch the video of coach Girardi early interview below!

“The conversation was really short,” Girardi said. “He came into my office and said he needed a day, he couldn’t DH today. That was basically the extent of the conversation.”

After the game, Posada said that he was dealing with back stiffness and told Girardi that he needed a day to “clear his head.”

“I told him I couldn’t play today and that I needed time to, first to clear my head,” Posada said after the Yankees’ 6-0 loss to the Red Sox. “That was it. My back stiffened up a little bit. I was taking a lot of ground balls at first base and worked out and I wasn’t 100 percent.”

However, Girardi said Posada never mentioned the back injury to him.

With speculation swirling, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met with reporters in a workroom behind the press box during the third inning to give an update. The GM said Posada was not injured.

That irritated Posada.

“I don’t know why he made a statement during the game. I don’t understand that. That’s the way he works now, I guess,” Posada said. “I think we should have waited for the game to be over to talk to whoever. … You don’t do that. You’re not supposed to do that.”