Posted May 15, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Rodeo Ocho


Ochocinco followed through with his promise to ride the bull, and showed some fine rodeo skills at the same time. He lasted 1.5 seconds on Deja Blu, 1,500 lb. bull, at the professional bull riders circuit Sat night. He fell short of the eight seconds he needed to last to get the Ford F-150, but was cautious with respect to the bull. Who would have thought Ocho would try such a dangerous game? Even the best bull-riders are masacred D.O.A. from time to time. I have a strange suspicion, that this will not be the last time you hear about this. Even though the NFL is in a Lock-out, activities this extreme will be looked upon negatively when the NFL gets back in order. Personally, I give him props for that and for keep trying different activities. Read the excerpt, courtesy espn, and watch the bull ride on video below!

Ochocinco acknowledged that the Bengals probably weren’t pleased that he was risking a career-threatening injury.

“I’m sure my coach was probably [upset],” Ochocinco said. “I mean, I would be, too. I’m sure the NFL is [upset], but I don’t follow their rules anyway.”

Ochocinco tweeted 6:39AM this morning: “Riding the bull tonight n the only example of how much power n force when that gate opens = da launch beginning of AeroSmith ride at Disney”