Posted May 12, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Sportsnet host fired over anti-gay twitter


Rogers Sportsnet’s TV Host, Damien Goddard was immediately fired from his job for his implied anti-gay tweets. This is how it started, NY Rangers forward Sean Avery showed his support for same-sex marriage a couple of days ago. Hockey agent Todd Reynolds then used twitter to post his opposition to Avery. Now Goddard on Tuesday posted a tweet supporting Reynolds and mocking homosexuals. Rogers Sportsnet based out of Toronto, immediately severed ties with Goddard. Read the excerpt, courtesy espn:

Goddard wrote: “I completely and whole-heartedly support Todd Reynolds and his support for the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage.”

The TV network then issued its own tweet, saying: “Today’s tweet from Damian Goddard does not reflect the views of Rogers Sportsnet.”

On Wednesday, it severed ties with Goddard.

In a statement, Sportsnet spokesman Dave Rashford said: “Mr. Goddard was a freelance contractor and in recent weeks it had become clear that he is not the right fit for our organization.”

Avery, an agitator who is no stranger to making headlines on and off the ice, stated his support for same-sex marriage in a video that is part of the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign, which is organized by the Human Rights Campaign, a gay-rights organization.