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Bob Marley: Remembering the Legend…30 Years Later

Today marks 30 years since we lost the reggae legend, Nesta Robert Marley. It’s hard to believe that 30 years have gone by since he passed away from Melanoma at the young age of 36.

Bob Marley was a singer and songwriter who helped to revolutionize Ska and Reggae music with his group, the Wailers. He had such a political influence in Jamaica as a Rastafarian man who wasn’t afraid to sing about the social issues of the present. Bob Marley and the Wailers performed all over the world and to date have sold over 250 million records.

In the eulogy at his funeral, the Prime Minister said:

    “His voice was an omnipresent cry in our electronic world. His sharp features, majestic looks, and prancing style a vivid etching on the landscape of our minds. Bob Marley was never seen. He was an experience which left an indelible imprint with each encounter. Such a man cannot be erased from the mind. He is part of the collective consciousness of the nation.”

Today as I reflect on his music, I realized that he passed away many years before I was even born. However, I am and have always been a fan of Bob Marley and The Wailers. I find it remarkable that many people my age and younger can know and love his music so dearly without even having the chance to truly experience him in the present.

Either way, it is so clear that his music will live on forever. @SelenaBailey

Check out Bob Marley and The Wailers performing a few of my favorite songs below.

“Is This Love,” Performed live in California 1979

“Stir It Up,” 1973