Posted May 10, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

Joe Budden & Maino tag team Chris Brown on Twitter

For some reason, Joe Budden’s sarcastic tweet was perceived as a jab by R&B sensation, Chris Brown.

JoeBudden:”if i cared about being in any1’s good graces, i’d be working on my Michael Jackson tribute as we speakBudden tweeted. Brown then sent out a subliminal tweet saying

ChrisBrown:So I’m guessing this person thinks he’s mature by making references to me becuz of his mistakes! #pumppumppumpitup,”

While Joe is known for getting into a fair share of rap battles but this seemed to be a fight he had no interest in starting as he responded JoeBudden:@chrisbrown i’m a fan my n*gga … & my sarcasm was more so geared towards ignorant fans, my bad if i offended u.,”

Maino decided to throw in a few words himself: