Posted May 5, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

Biggy son CJ speaks out about his Father

After playing his father in the 2009 biopic NOTORIOUS, Christopher ‘CJ’ Wallace has spoken about embarking on his acting career.  The 14-year-old admits that he wasn’t to enthusiastic about playing a younger version of his dad

“Acting just came randomly. I wasn’t even into it at first. When I did ‘Notorious,’ my grandma, Ms. [Voletta] Wallace, she told me that I should come in and read for the part as my father. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed so likely for me to do it, like Biggie’s son is going to play Biggie. After I had my acting coach and really read through it, I started to find out things that I didn’t know about him. Then I took more of an interest into it. It was actually fun, going out to New York, living like him, going into his old apartment, doing what he did. It was cool.”