Posted May 3, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Derrick Rose to be crowned MVP!


Breaking news: The news isn’t official, but sources say that at a 4PM news conference today, Derrick Rose will be crowned the NBA MVP for the 2010-2011 season. He will be the youngest MVP at only 22 years old! He led the Bulls on a 62-20 season, the best-record in the NBA, and #1 seed going in the playoffs. He averaging 25 points, 7.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds for the season. Jordan was a five-time MVP, and the last Bull to win the prestigious award in 1998. The ceremony is set to take place at the Hawks-Bulls game 2, Wednesday May 4, 8PM TNT! Read the excerpt, courtesy espn:

Rose said Monday night that the league has yet to tell him anything about the award.

“Not yet. Still hearing from it,” he said. “But right now, I’m sorry to say that’s the last thing I’m thinking about. I’m sorry.”

“I think it’s great. I think he’s very well-deserving,” teammate Joakim Noah said. “I think it’s a situation where everybody knows it’s his. It’s not like somebody else deserves it. It’s for him and I’m happy for him, but there’s really no time to celebrate it right now. We’re in a dogfight against Atlanta.”