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‘Sir’ Henry Cooper passes at 76


British boxer ‘Sir’ Henry Cooper who once knocked down Muhammad Ali, when he was still called ‘Cassius Clay’, died yesterday after a long illness.  He was well respected and highly touted in the boxing world, deemed ”’Enry’s ‘Ammer” after knocking the formidable Ali to the canvas in a 1963 non-title fight (in the fourth round with a left hook) at Wembley Stadium, England. Ali got back up and won the fight on a T.K.O. (Technical Knock out). Ali bloodied and beat him in the next bout (Ali defending his World Champion belt) in 1966 at London’s Highbury stadium. Ali and Cooper remained good friends since then. Cooper was so highly regarded in England, that he was the first boxer to be knighted and receive the title ”Sir” from a British monarch. Read the excerpt, courtesy foxsports, and Watch the bouts on video below!

”I am at a loss for words over the death of my friend, Henry Cooper,” Ali said in a statement.

Ali, who later said the knockdown punch ”not only shook me, it shook my relations in Africa,” won the bout by technical knockout in the next round while trailing on the scorecard.

Ali said he visited with Cooper two summers ago during a visit to England.

”Henry always had a smile for me; a warm and embracing smile,” Ali said. ”It was always a pleasure being in Henry’s company. I will miss my ole friend. He was a great fighter and a gentleman. My family and I extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family and loved ones.”

Henry Cooper 1963 (not-title) Round 4 knock down of Muhammad Ali:


Ali defends his title in 1966 – Cooper Ali 2: