Posted April 28, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Yankees leak season-ticket holders info


The Yankees accidently leaked out info on 17,000 season ticket holder via a mass e-mail, yesterday. The e-mail had a spreadsheet attachment with the info, and went out to several hundred season-ticket holders. They sent out an apology, but I would want at least free tickets or a hot dog something? Read the excerpt, courtesy espn:

According to the Yankees: “No other information was included in the document that was accidentally attached to the Apr. 25 email. The document did not include any birth dates, social security numbers, credit card data, banking data or any other personal information.”

“A mistake was made and we’re being as transparent as we possible can,” said a team spokesman. “We’ve taken steps to insure that this cannot and will not happen again.”

The spokesman noted that the 17,000 accounts are less than half of the team’s total season ticket accounts.

Premium account holders, such as celebrities, were not affected.

The Yankees sent a letter of apology to all of those affected, and plan to post it on their official website.