Posted April 27, 2011 by DJ Enuff in News

Obama Birth certificate play by play

After following this story all day and trying to grasp the concept behind this ongoing Donald Trump vs Barack Obama and his birthday certificate issue, it finally all makes sense now. Many Obama critics aka ‘members of the Republican Party’ felt the need for the president to show his birth certificate so that he can prove that he was born a US citizen. In an effort to try to embarrass him and direct the world’s attention on insignificant and petty things, America’s favorite reality star Donald Trump weighed in his own thoughts on Obama’s presidency and his eagerness to replace Obama with someone new and Republican during the next term.

Causing uproar at town meetings across the US, Obama decided to release his birth certificate to the public today (April 27) from his birth place of Honolulu, Hawaii. Sadly in a time where the country has so many other important things to focus on(health care and our troops overseas), we as a people get distracted so easily and trust in a reality star failure trying to maintain relevancy.