Posted April 27, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Playoffs Tonight: teams facing elimination


Tonight, teams are facing elimination for the first round of the playoffs. The Miami Heat will likely knock out the Sixers, the underdog Grizzlies may take out the Spurs, and the Thunder will probably knock off the Nuggets. Check out the full schedule of tonight’s games right here:

#7 Philadelphia 76er’s go to Miami to take on the #2 Miami Heat 7PM EST TNT. The Heat lead the series 3-1, and look to close out their much weaker opponent tonight!

#8 Memphis Grizzlies take on the #1 San Antonio Spurs 8:30PM EST NBA TV. The Grizzlies have a surprising (3-1) lead in the series over the Spurs. The Grizzlies will try their hardest to close them out tonight. The Spurs will play hard to not get knocked out of the series. It will be a great game.

#5 Denver Nuggets at the #4 Oklahoma City Thunder 9:30 PM EST TNT. The Nuggets came back last game, but are still behind 3-1 in the series. Durant, Westbrook. Ibaka, and Perkins are too strong for the Nuggets.