Posted April 20, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Robot to make first pitch at Phillies game::Update


Update::Here is a link to the video for the Robot pitch! A robot has been elected to make the first pitch at today’s game in Philadelphia: Milwaukee Brewers at the Philadelphia Phillies 1:05PM EST! The Robot is only going to clock in at 30-40 mph top’s, but worth while to check it out! Read the excerpt, courtesy MSNBC:

But the one-armed, three-wheeled robot, designed by engineers at the University of Pennsylvania, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday’s game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers as part of Science Day festivities at Citizens Bank Park, said Evan Lerner, a spokesman for Penn’s engineering school.

The pitching robot has been in the makings for a month and a half as Penn engineers Jordan Brindza and Jamie Gewirtz assembled parts and wrote software┬áin their spare time, Lerner said. They started with a Segway, gave it a robotic arm and added a third wheel. They also gave it a pneumatic cylinder, which delivers a burst of compressed carbon dioxide to power the pitch. The robot’s computer brain can be tweaked to change pitch velocity and trajectory.