Posted April 19, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Wright does the right thing


(Mets David) Wright did the right thing when the Mets were in Atlanta a couple of days ago. He played catch with a couple young fans in the stands before the Mets-Braves game, Sunday. One young (Braves) fan showed some appreciation in a written letter. 5-year old Mason (pic below) didn’t just play catch with Wright, he also caught Wright’s arm band when he threw it there at the end of the game. These days it’s not too often that you see small acts of kindness. Lawsuits and Liabilities have taken over the nation, and take away from the little things in life. Read the excerpt below, courtesy espn:

An usher shouted over to Wright that he had never seen anything like that game of catch with the kids in his 12 years on the job.

Wrote Mason’s father in an email Monday night:

What a great experience for Mason yesterday!!! As a 5-year-old, who just adores the Braves, he had no clue the All-Star that he was playing catch with at the time. My wife and I were just amazed at what was happening! We didn’t think the day could get any better than that until David threw his arm band into the stands after the game, and Mason got it! He hasn’t wanted to take it off since. He even tried to sleep in it last night, but we wouldn’t let him! He did wear it to his T-ball game tonight, though! If you get a chance, please let David know how much that 15 minutes meant to the kids. His fan base grew a little larger in the South over the weekend. All Mason normally talks about is Chipper Jones, and now if you ask him who his favorite player is, he says David Wright. … Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have him as a Brave one day :)

Surprised to learn a video existed, Wright expressed concern it would be viewed as motivated by seeking publicity.

(excerpt, quote, pic from full article courtesy espn)