Posted April 18, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Ortiz stuns Berto


Andre Berto came to the bout undefeated, and left defeated at the hands of the new champion Victor Ortiz!!! Ortiz took the WBC welterweight title belt, Sat night! It was a unanimous decision, even with the point taken away for hits behind the head for Ortiz. Berto record dropped to (27-1), and had made five consecutive title belt defenses since his reign began in June 2008. Ortiz record went to (29-2-2) was given advice by the amazing Manny Pacquaio prior to the fight.

“Manny told me to stick to my game plan,” Ortiz said.


Berto vs. Ortiz Round 6 (Berto knocks down Ortiz, Ortiz knocks down Berto):


(info courtesy espn)