Posted April 18, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Amar’e stuffs ain’t enuff


Amar’e had a couple nice stuffs down the stretch of the fourth quarter of last night’s game, but it wasn’t enuff. The Knicks took the tough playoff Game 1 loss in the waining seconds to the Boston Celtics 87-85, exclamated on a Ray Allen three. ‘Melo took a couple ill advised shots in the end, and TO’ed the ball a couple times. Down to the wire, Amar’e had the will, the Knicks didn’t have the way. Amar’e had 28 points and 11 boards for the game. The Knicks need to get it together for Game 2 of the playoffs: NY Knicks at Boston Celtics, Tuesday April 19, 7PM EST TNT! Check out the dunks and highlights from Game 1!

Amar’e dunks on Jermaine O’Neal and KG:


Amar’e one-handed dunk on Glen “Big Baby” Davis:


Full Game Highlights: