Posted April 14, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Bulls get #1 spot in NBA


The Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose clinched the #1 spot in the East and West Conference with the 97-92 win over the NJ Nets, last night. What that means is the Bulls will hold the home-court advantage for the entire playoffs. The Bulls have won nine straight. Derrick Rose was ecstatic. The playoff’s kick off this Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17. Read Rose’s quote and check out the East-West complete brackets below.

”I’m happy, I’m definitely happy,” Rose said. ”I wouldn’t like to be on a losing team, but what’s the point of celebrating now when you can get knocked out in the playoffs?” (quote from full article courtesy foxsports)

Eastern Conference Playoffs:

#1 Chicago Bulls #8 Indiana Pacers
#2 Miami Heat #7 Philadelphia 76er’s
#3 Boston Celtics #6 New York Knicks
#4 Orlando Magic #5 Atlanta Hawks

Western Conference Playoffs:

#1 San Antonio Spurs #8 Memphis Grizzlies
#2 LA Lakers #7 New Orleans Hornets
#3 Dallas Mavericks #6 Portland Trailblazers
#4 Oklahoma City Thunder #5 Denver Nuggets