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NFL Star, former Rutger, hit with three charges


Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt was hit with three charges, yesterday, in a high speed chase in his hometown of Bayonne, NJ. He made a smooth getaway, but the police spotted him walking away from his car. He was a star wide receiver for NJ Rutgers, entering the NFL (30th pick) in 2009. The NFL will sanction him (with a fine and suspension) once the lockout is over. The NFL cannot drug test him during a lock-out. Read the excerpt, courtesy foxsports:

A Bayonne police spokesman told FOXSports.com that Britt was charged with eluding a police officer, lying to an officer/hindering apprehension and obstructing governmental function. Eluding an officer is a third-degree felony; the other two charges are misdemeanors.

A passenger in the vehicle with Britt also faces three criminal charges. Jerel Lord, 23, of Bayonne was charged with marijuana possession, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental function.

According to a police report, the incident occurred at 4:30 P.M. Tuesday when Britt was clocked driving his blue Porsche at 71 mph in a 50-mph zone. When an officer attempted to enter the roadway to stop the vehicle, the Porsche accelerated and began weaving in and out of highway traffic. The Porsche then exited the highway and was spotted on a local street with Britt and Lord walking away from the vehicle.

The officer ordered them to stop and began questioning Britt and Lord, both of whom denied being in the vehicle. At one point during the interview, Lord ran away on foot, but he was apprehended a block away by a pursuing officer.

Britt, who was recognized as a Titans player, admitted the Porsche was his after being asked by the officer about the Tennessee plates on the vehicle. Britt, however, claimed he wasn’t the driver.

Britt and Lord were both released on summons. They are expected to have a future hearing at Hudson County (N.J.) Superior Court.

(excerpt from full article courtesy msn.com, foxsports)