Posted April 12, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Lady Gaga Falls On Stage

“The show must always go on.”

Do you know why Lady Gaga is number one? Do you understand why she is the sh*t? Lady Gaga is an amazing performer and she is a professional because her show doesn’t stop.

How many times have millions of people youtubed clips of their favorite celebs busting their ass on stage? Tons. And yes, it’s always funny because the band stops playing, the crowd gasps and security comes to help them up. It’s almost like the world pauses because a singer fell on stage.

When Lady Gaga fell in the clip below, she was performing in Houston, and in the middle of singing “You and I.” She slipped off of her piano bench in her seven-inch platforms and it could have been a terribly ugly, painful and head-hitting fall, but being the pro that she is, it looks effortless, even choreographed.

The show didn’t stop, the music kept going, Gaga didn’t miss a beat and she didn’t even drop the microphone. Pow!

Come to think of it, this fall is reminiscent of Beyonce’s most infamous fall. Bey got right back up and kept swinging that mane of hair. It made everyone see that she’s untouchable. And now, Lady Gaga ‘falls’ into that same category. @SelenaBailey