Posted April 10, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Laurieann Gibson’s “Dance Scene” Tonight on E!

Dancers, Dance Lovers and any person who has an appreciation for the art form should be tuned in tonight to Laurieann Gibson‘s new docu-series, “Dance Scene,” premiering tonight on E! at 10:30pm.

The show follows Gibson, who is a choreographer and creative director to the music industry’s top artists, including the number one pop artist herself, Lady Gaga.

Today, Laurieann “BoomKack” tweeted, “All the pain, all the struggle; God made a way!!! Tonight on E.!! Dance Scene… Believe in your Dream! Believe u can.”

I will definitely be tuned in because Laurieann is in one word, amazing. In my list of five role models, she’s in there, for all that she’s accomplished, all that she’s overcome and all that she has done for the art form that I love.

Check out a sneek peek, below, of what is to come tonight and during the season! @SelenaBailey