Posted April 8, 2011 by Global Vito in Sports

Lil’ Vito Learning The Game He Loves

Playing with the Big Boyz

I’m sharing some proud moments with you, about my Lil’ Vito learning the game of Baskeball. He learned to love the game of Basketball at the early age of 4, now at the age of 6 he’s so focus he thinks he’s Lebron James. As parents we need to support our kids in everything they do. If they want to learn how to cook invest in some culinary books. What ever it is make sure you support and push them to do be the best at it. S/O to Jim Jones for the Perfect Day Joint Lil’ Vito’s Favorite song, and S/o to Panama for making the Lebron James Track. Another favorite track of Lil’ Vito’s