Posted April 6, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Hayward goes toe-to-toe with Kobe


Pacers rookie and former Butler phenom, Gordon Hayward (pic below), went toe-to-toe with Kobe Bryant, last night. Hayward’s emphatic dunk was the staple that tore the roof off the Staples center. Kobe bobbled the ball with seconds to go (with Hayward Defending him) to drop to the Utah Jazz 86-85. Kobe had 20 points, five assists, and seven TO’s. Hayward had a career-high 22 points, six rebounds, and five assists. The Lakers had 20 TO’s for the game. #8 Butler could have used Hayward on Monday losing to #3 U-Conn for the National Title. Hayward left Butler, after his sophomore year, following the last second loss to the Duke Blue Devils for the National Championship in 2010. Watch the highlight video below, and read the quote, courtesy espn.com:

“I wish Gordon Hayward would have stayed in college and helped Butler last night instead of kicking our butt,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said.

Full Highlights: