Posted April 4, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Child gives “the Fridge” his Super Bowl ring back


A 10-year old child (Cliff Forrest), whose mother has MS, decided to give back a $6K Super Bowl XX Ring to Chicago Bear legend, William “Fridge” Perry.  The Fridge has been battling an autoimmune disease, Guillain Barre syndrome for quite some time. The Fridge had sold his ring for $$$ to help pay for hospital bills.  With Fridge’s money coming slim to none, the child’s goodwill is deeply appreciated. Cliff’s mother Tracy and father Cliff Sr. Forrest speak in the following excerpt:

“My son said he knew he had problems,” Tracy said Monday. “I myself have MS, and my son Googled and saw Perry also had an autoimmune disease.

“He said Perry lost the ring through hard times, and that he only had one ring. He said, ‘I want him to have the ring back.’ That’s pretty special for a 10-year-old to want to do that.”

“You could tell the Fridge was very appreciative,” said Cliff Sr., who was with his son when he handed the ring to Perry. “He looked great, and he flashed that smile.”

“It was a great experience,” Cliff Sr. said.

(quotes, info from full article courtesy espn.com)