Posted April 3, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Butler and ‘Blue II’ advance to NCAA Finals!

#8 rank Butler Bulldogs and their live mascot ‘Blue II’ beat out #11 VCU and advanced to the NCAA Finals! The NCAA Finals: U-Conn vs. Butler will be Monday, April 4 at 9PM on CBS! Blue II was banned from the first part of the tournament, but received royal treatmant for his time at the Final Four. Blue II was treated to spa treatment in Indianapolis on Thursday, was part of a chartered flight to Houston, is the guest of honor and Houston’s Intercontinental Hotel and even has a cocktail named after him at the hotel bar. Check out the video below of Blue II and Charles Barkley going at it!


VCU became creative on their own creating rally T-Shirts saying “What you talkin bout Bilas?” with Gary Coleman face on it. NBA Analyst Jay Bilas blasted VCU, so VCU decided to retaliate with these rally rebel T’s.

‘Blue II’ and Charles Barkley get in a disagreement on national TV:


(pic, some word for word from full article courtesy yardbarker.com)